Business Talent Sharing- Seven News Interview

“It’s the workplace wreckage left by COVID 19 when employers can no longer afford to keep skilled staff going.”

Chris Maher, Seven News

Tim Walmsley [00:00:08] But where people are moved to other businesses that have unprecedented support. But that’s after they’ve been stood down or let go.

Chris Maher, Seven News [00:00:15] Tim Walmsley is a former Australian army major served in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now the veteran has another enemy in his sights. The job devastation left by coronavirus.

Tim Walmsley [00:00:27] This is supporting the Job Keeper, keeping our businesses strong and then keeping their employees in the business.

Chris Maher, Seven News [00:00:32] Under the scheme, two companies do a deal where a worker from Company A. Is hired out to Company B. Company B pays the wages as part of a hire fee. The worker works, company B keeps going, and company A doesn’t have to hire new employees when it recovers.

Chris Maher, Seven News [00:00:51] Jonathan Clark’s small consultancy used the portal to find a worker literally overnight. He says it would help business and their workers survive COVID.

Jonathan Clark [00:01:02] BenchOn Saved me about six weeks worth of work and God knows how many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Chris Maher, Seven News [00:01:05] Just like working from home, It’s an employment practice driven by crisis. But after COVID 19 could well be a lasting approach.

Chris Maher, Seven News [00:01:14] BenchOn, is negotiating with governments to offer the portal free to up to a quarter of a million businesses.

Jonathan Clark [00:01:21] It’s changing the game.

Chris Maher, Seven News [00:01:22] Chris Maher, Seven News.

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