BenchOn - The Business Talent Matching Platform

BenchOn is built on our National Network of businesses from all over Australia across all industries. Any business can sign up to this network for free to get all of the benefits of an agile but stable workforce.

Enterprises, however, require some additional support to manage the large number of suppliers and partners that they operate with. To address this, BenchOn has developed a range of subscription-based products that have been purposed designed for how enterprise operates.

If you would like supported introductions, our team is always happy to help!

Welcome to the new way to manage your permanent and non-permanent workforce!


  • Closed Talent Pool
    that is invite only
  • Open Talent Pool
    with all companies
  • Supplier Engagement Tool
  • Platform branded
    for your company
  • Speculative Contracts Allowed
  • Create Sub-Accounts
  • Potential Revenue Stream
  • Free User Accounts

BenchOn National Network

Access the BenchOn National Network and better manage the ups and downs of the business cycle. Whether you have too many staff or not enough, BenchOn's multi-purpose platform can solve the problem for you. The systems are designed with all the protections that you will need to operate in a trusted and transparent environment including advanced competitor avoidance, anti-employee poaching and prompt invoice payment.

This platform can be used to solve employee underutilisation, generate passive Business Development, improve company revenue, provide unique professional development opportunities and find you the best, hidden talent to support your projects.


Internal Employee Matching

Prioritise your own underutilised employees and mobilise your workforce to fill internal gaps or opportunities from your own pool of talent resources first. This allows you to maximise the productivity of your own staff and find where your true talent shortages are before looking externally.

Create sub-accounts to allow different business areas or account managers to manage their specific support requirements as well as employees and reduce the administrative burden of onboarding.

Preferred Supplier Panel Management

Digitally manage the allocation of contract work to your preferred suppliers to provide instant visibility of their available resources.

Prioritise your trusted business relationships and avoid the margin on margin scenario by instantly seeing which of their resources are available.

Remove the labour-intensive manual effort of managing responses by emails and phone calls thereby reducing workload for your company and the companies you work with when engaging contractors.


Exclusive White-Label Communities

Host your own branded Talent Community to manage large pools of suppliers digitally or link your extended business partnerships all while increasing your brand engagement. BenchOn's Talent Communities are designed to harness the power of your business network with click of a button.

Tap into your network no matter where they are based, access your trusted partners available resources and build your own ecosystem of available talent, all while reaping the benefits of BenchOn's own trusted national network as your safety net.

Get Your Business On, BenchOn

In these times of economic uncertainty, workforce agility needs job stability. Ineffectively managed peaks and troughs lead to a drain of talent and knowledge - the exact opposite of what's required in times of change.

When times are tough, maximising utilisation of talent resources generates additional revenue whilst building skill and experience of your staff. When times are booming, never turn down work again with access to the Available, Hidden Talent from the best companies.

It's free to join so what have you got to lose!