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BenchOn provides branded ‘Workforce and Industry Portals’ that connect enterprises with businesses that have the right talent, products and services to support you in a resource-competitive market.

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Our multi-purpose platform allows your business to:

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    Categorise and segregate supplier pools based on procurement processes or commercial relationships

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    Access the hidden talent in industry to support your programs, regardless of where it is hidden

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    Canvass your entire supply chain with tenders connected to the businesses best suited to support you

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    See live insights into your supply chain allocation of workload by Project and how your supply chain is performing

One Platform, Many Insights

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One Platform, Many Insights

De-risk future projects and save significant time and energy in project planning and reporting with unprecedented insights from your very own Business Intelligence Dashboard.

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    Live data reporting on supplier information and capabilities

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    Know where your work is being allocated at any time

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    Report on supplier diversity such as indigenous, veteran or remote

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    Never pay for reports on your data again

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  • Never miss an opportunity because you don’t have the right resources. BenchOn uncovers capabilities buried deep in your supply chain.
  • Create greater resilience in your supply chain by making it less susceptible to fluctuations and shortages.
  • Decentralise your supply chain access across all of your divisions - No one person holds the value of your supply chain.
  • Don’t just uncover capability and capacity. Digitise those connections, make them searchable and recoverable. Everyone in your business can find key resources, even if they don’t know they’re there.
  • Never be caught without the facts. Access supplier capability, behaviour and engagement, as well as program statistics and risks allow you to curate the supply chain you need.
  • Diversity is a natural occurrence when business connections are based on capability.
  • Inbuilt protections ensure undesirable connections are not made, protecting your reputation, relationships and commercial in confidence information.
  • Reduce unnecessary supplier maintenance with a trusted system that connects based on your profile settings.
  • BenchOn gives your existing supply chain more opportunities, by making existing relationships visible to the rest of your organisation.
  • Your suppliers spend less time chasing opportunities and more time responding to them.
  • SMEs are more likely to prioritise responses to your opportunities, given BenchOn reduces their workload when dealing with your organisation.
  • Give your suppliers access to a world of opportunity, supporting them to build their business.
  • Requirements are connected based on capability which equalises all opportunities for more desirable outcomes. It’s not who you know, it’s what you know.
  • Build strong relationships with your suppliers by making it easy for them to engage with your organisation by providing them access to work packages they never knew existed. Maximising local participation while winning ‘hearts and minds’.

What makes us unique?

Each supplier that joins your portal is linked through the BenchOn National Network, giving them access to national opportunities. Make your supply chain more resilient by helping suppliers achieve income diversity and more stable cashflow.

You’re in Good Company

BenchOn Enterprise Portals are used by both Global and National Brands in successfully matching industry capability to their requirements.

Real time data makes the difference

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Real time data makes the difference

Hanwa Defence Australia (HDA) needed to quickly understand the local capability they had access to in order to de-risk their future programs and ensure they generated maximum opportunity for local suppliers to participate.

With the Business Intelligence Dashboard built into their Australian Industry Portal, Hanwha could analyse all supplier data including the depth of products, manufacturing capability and services available by location, the diversity of companies, what their skill sets were and what gaps they had for future production requirements. Speed to delivery requires supply chain intelligence.

Solving talent shortages through connection

Mike Walkington - Jacobs

Jacobs Australia had a monumental task of coordinating specialist talent from hundreds of businesses across the country, while striving for value for money solutions for their clients.

With the Jacobs Talent Community on BenchOn, they were able to manage a larger group of approved suppliers and quickly and easily find the right talent, at the right time to meet their client’s demands. Suppliers were more responsive and reported appreciation at the ease of being notified when positions were available and the user-friendly functionality of the portal. It is now central to how Jacobs Australia engages with local suppliers.

Mike Walkington - Jacobs


BenchOn believes that matching a tender or talent request to a supplier should be very specific. This helps with information security as well as saves suppliers time in finding when and where you need them. Portal owners will provide a list of capabilities that you will be tendering for within the portal. Suppliers then select from this list when setting up their profile. This gives you insight into the depth of the supply chain and ensures accurate matching. The platform has a powerful AI algorithm that matches based on skill set, experience, capability, location, price and more so you can find exactly what you need to meet your project requirements.

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