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Aug 31 2023

Registrations open for Meet the Primes

This year at the Indo Pacific Conference 23, in conjunction with our friends at Hays and ...

Jan 19 2023

DEFSEC New Zealand Reports on BenchOn’s work to strengthen the industry eco-system

Jennie Vickers, previously CEO of the New Zealand Defence Industry Association (NDIA) writes the following article ...
Enterprise Capability Statement

Oct 2 2022

Download the latest Capability Statement

Thank you for your interest in BenchOn! BenchOn is a portal that helps you better utilise ...

Aug 16 2022

‘Meet the Defence Primes’ Program at Land Forces 22

BenchOn will run a free ‘Meet the Primes’ program at LAND FORCES 2022, to link Australian ...

Aug 3 2022

CEO, Tim Walmsley, interviewed on Innovation

https://youtu.be/Y7RVWiaCkw8 BenchOn is very excited to be a part of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur's 222 Program ...

Feb 24 2022

Serco Engages Veteran-owned BenchOn to support Australian Industry

Serco has launched the Serco Australian Industry Portal, through BenchOn, to enhance engagement with Australian businesses, ...
DRA CEO Geoff Evans

Sep 30 2021

BenchOn Partners with Disaster Relief Australia

Disaster Relief Australia CEO, Geoff Evans Australian communities ravaged by natural disasters have been given 'unprecedented' ...

Jun 15 2020

BenchOn CEO, Tim Walmsley, interviewed on AusBiz TV regarding COVID pandemic

BenchOn CEO, Tim Walmsley, interviewed on AusBiz TV about BenchOn, our support to industry during the ...

Apr 28 2020

Business Talent Sharing- Seven News Interview

“It’s the workplace wreckage left by COVID 19 when employers can no longer afford to keep ...
Business Talent Sharing Portal Login Page

Apr 16 2020

Business Talent Sharing Portal supporting Job Stability through COVID-19

The Business & Industry Support Portal Login Page The Need. The Australian economy is facing unprecedented ...

Mar 17 2020


Access the Hanwha AIP through http://hanwha.benchon.com/ Brisbane, 11 March 2020. As industry continues to deliberate on ...

Mar 17 2020

How to Prepare for the impending Economic Slowdown

Your Business will be impacted whether you are prepared or not. Here are some quick tips ...

Oct 31 2019

ADBRTV interviews BenchOn CEO, Tim Walmsley

ADBRTV interviewed BenchOn CEO, Tim Walmsley, at the Pacific 2019 conference in Sydney. Tim talks about ...

Oct 1 2019

BenchOn awarded Start-Up of the Year in Defence Industry Awards

BenchOn are delighted and honoured to be named winners of the Defence Connect Australian Defence Industry ...

Sep 18 2019

BenchOn Proud to be Partnering with TalentVine

BenchOn is proud to announce that we are partnering with TalentVine to make it seamless for ...

Sep 16 2019

Opinion Piece on EY’s ‘Stop Talking About the Future of Work’

EY has just released a white paper on the Future of Work and it immediately caught ...

Aug 22 2019

How to change your approach to accessing talent with BenchOn

Sources: www.abs.gov.au www.halcyonknights.com.au www.tradingeconomics.com www.unsw.edu.au

Jul 25 2019

What Is an ‘Employee Bench’ and Why Is It Killing Your Business?

Employees in Australia and beyond, often find themselves ‘sitting on the bench’ in-between projects. The ‘bench’, ...

Jul 11 2019

Why ‘Borrow’ is a key function of an Integrated Talent Strategy

I recently presented at the 2019 Australasian Talent Conference (#ATC2019) on a panel discussing what a ...

Jul 11 2019

BenchOn Named in ‘30 Best Small Companies to watch in 2019’ by The Silicon Review

We are very proud here at BenchOn to find that The Silicon Review has named BenchOn ...

Jun 20 2019

Stories Behind The Grind Podcast with Aidan Vuocolo featuring BenchOn Co-Founder

Check out Episode 53 of Stories Behind The Grind Podcast by Aidan Vuocolo with BenchOn Co-Founder ...

Jun 19 2019

The Most Innovative Approaches to Talent Acquisition in Australia Today

In a world where talent acquisition happens in short content bites on smartphones more often than ...

Jun 19 2019

How to Triumph Over Contemporary Issues of Talent Acquisition

Across heavy industries such as construction and mining in Australia, the bulk of talent acquisition and ...

Jun 19 2019

Is The Increasing Casualisation Of The Workforce A Good Thing?

Demographic and economic forces continue to change the global work economy. One of the hotly debated ...

Jun 7 2019

Demand-Driving technology platforms in the Talent Industry

In this digital age, Agencies and firms are continually educating themselves and keeping up to date ...

Jul 13 2018

From Enterprise to Start-up

Are you thinking about jumping ship from enterprise to start up? Do it, it’s great! Well....mostly. ...

Jan 5 2018

5 Productivity Calendar Hacks for 2018

2018 is well underway and you no doubt have a bunch of new goals and objectives ...

Aug 22 2017

Cost cutting with people is a double-edged sword so be careful

According to Service Performance Insight in their ‘Professional Services Global Pricing Report’ the growth engine of ...

Jul 18 2017

The QLD Government shows complete lack of understanding of how Industry operates.

Protecting workers from being exploited is a noble goal and one I am fully supportive of, ...

Jun 26 2017

Tips for Successfully Transitioning Careers

Change is hard and scary. That is why we as humans usually do everything in our ...

Jun 8 2017

Partnership Announcement – Akyra Strategy and Development

At BenchOn, we realise that navigating HR in the contracting world is a complicated task that ...

May 3 2017

Partnership Announcement – Windrose International

BenchOn is happy to announce its partnership with Windrose International Pty Ltd. Windrose International provides Australian ...

Apr 24 2017

Let’s stop turning the Gig Economy into something it’s not

There is a lot of talk at the moment about the future of work. Some educated ...

Apr 12 2017

BenchOn CEO Interview with Beach City at Myriad

View the Facebook Live interview with CEO Tim Walmsley at Myriad 2017 through the link below: ...

Mar 21 2017

Veterans & Start-ups

Defence members transitioning to civilian employment is a hot topic these days, in large part to ...

Feb 13 2017

Partnership Announcement

WithYouWithMe, the military talent incubator helping veterans get employed, has today announced a major partnership with ...

Feb 8 2017

Hey Everyone! Free Money!

As the band Dire Straits famously wrote "Get your money for nothing and the government to ...

Nov 28 2016

Idle staff will cost businesses more than money this holiday season

Heading into the holiday season, many small to medium businesses (SMBs) find they have to either ...

Nov 17 2016

BenchOn CEO to present keynote speech at Mobility & Skills Global Forum

BenchOn is pleased to announce that our CEO, Mr Tim Walmsley, will be presenting a keynote ...

Nov 14 2016

Don’t let your Employees Cost you your Business

Congratulations! All that hard work building your business has paid off, and you finally feel like ...
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