The Australian Digital Defence Industry Matrix has landed on BenchOn!

Defence Industry Connection Evolved

After 8 years of R&D and working collaboratively with our thousands of clients, BenchOn has launched the next evolution in Defence Industry connectivity – The Australian Digital Defence Industry Matrix (ADDIM).

Born out of the requirements of the Defence Strategic Review and the Defence Industry Development Strategy, ADDIM is the first key milestone in BenchOn’s Defence Industry Vision 2030.

What makes this portal truly unique is that any business in this portal can Supply AND Source People, Products or Materials, on-demand. Accessing the full industry for your business needs.

You can also access the data insights reports to find the true depth of capability in industry for skill sets and capabilities. Find the risks in your project’s supply chain before the project starts. Find the gaps in industry so you know where to grow your business into. With the right information, your business can flourish and Defence Industry can become stronger and more capable.

Free for all companies interested in supporting Defence Industry, this is truly a game changer in supply chain sourcing, industry intelligence and equalising a broad market for maximum participation.

BenchOn will be onboarding over the coming week all current BenchOn users that support Defence Industry as well as those companies that have registered on the waitlist. Each of these companies will be given one free sourcing token so they can test the market and find what they need at no cost.

We look forward to working with you all and contributing to the growth and resilience of Defence Industry. Go to to login and connect your BenchOn profile or register your business for free.

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