These additional features will supercharge your business network for greater opportunity, increased revenue, decreased underutilisation and provide the largest untapped talent pool in the country.

BenchOn National Network

Imagine the power of interlinking all companies together to effectively match supply and demand whenever and wherever it’s needed. Where companies are notified directly when demand for their services arises. Where you can find the specialist resources or surge support you need to successfully complete your projects, no matter where they are hiding.

This is the power of the BenchOn National Network!

Access the BenchOn National Network and better manage the ups and downs of the business cycle. Whether you have too many staff or not enough, BenchOn's multi-purpose platform can solve the problem for you. The systems are designed with all the protections that you will need to operate in a trusted and transparent environment including advanced competitor avoidance, anti-employee poaching and prompt invoice payment.

This platform can be used to solve employee underutilisation, generate passive Business Development, improve company revenue, provide unique professional development opportunities and find you the best, hidden talent to support your projects.



Increase market size to find demand in places you never thought to look.


Break down industry boundaries and increase cross-company collaboration.


Increase business diversification for greater resilience during tough times.


A talent safety net to address national talent shortages.


Develop business relationships with companies you have never worked with before.


Enables Business Talent Sharing when required to provide job stability for your staff.

  • Business to Business matching for talent-based contract opportunities.
  • All companies gain free access to the BenchOn National Network.
  • Find specialist talent across industry and geographical boundaries.
  • Links to Enterprise Industry Portals to gain access to enterprise work packages when allocated to the National Network.
  • Free to find talent for your contingent project requirements.
  • No upfront fees when matched to contract opportunities. Only pay the success-based service fee after you have been paid for the work!

Business Talent Sharing

Business Collaboration Builds Resilience

In this uncertain and disruptive time, there has never been a greater need to support businesses in sharing staff to manage these unpredictable peaks and troughs.

Since 2016, BenchOn has been pioneering business talent sharing and has the tool to allocate labour resources swiftly across this turbulent landscape and in so doing, reduce company closures and prevent large increases in unemployment.

When you need Specialist or Surge Support

Find Talent from the Bench

BenchOn will match your task, project or contract requirements to the hidden talent inside Australia’s best companies.

You now have access to the largest untapped talent pool in the country - the Happily Employed!


  • It’s free to find available talent from companies in over 10 industries.
  • Get curated matches that meet your requirements.
  • Contract the company directly using your current processes or BenchOn can help you set up your processes if needed.


  • Access experienced professionals from trusted brands.
  • Pay one all-inclusive daily rate as the parent company covers all employee costs.
  • Experience up to 40% cost savings on market rates!

When you have Spare Capacity

Manage Your Employee Bench

Whether your staff are in-between projects, or your business is in a lull, or you just need extra revenue to meet that next goal, don’t cut away your employees to save money, Bench your staff to make money!

Make more revenue and give your team job stability by using BenchOn to match your staff’s availability to short or long-term task requests from other companies.


  • Pre-emptively manage availability with our 12-month availability calendar.
  • Manage employee profiles directly through the dashboard.
  • Protection for Conflict of Interest and Employee Poaching.


  • Diversify your business with contracts from over 10 industries.
  • Keep your employees and their corporate knowledge.
  • Passive system bringing matched contracts to you when you need them.

The sharing economy has changed our lives so much in that anyone can now earn extra money using their personal underutilised assets – your underutilised car can be used to drive for Uber, your underutilised bedroom can be put on AirBnB, so why can’t your businesses earn revenue from your underutilised assets – your employees? Well, now you can with BenchOn.

When you cut staff to save money, you create the following additional costs:
  • Turnover cost
  • Opportunity cost
  • Damage to Company Culture
  • Reputational damage in Industry
  • Not to mention you have now lost a valuable employee
BenchOn matches paid contracts from reputable companies to your staff’s skill sets and availability to:
  • Provide you revenue when you really need it
  • Create job stability for your employees
  • Stimulate sustainable business growth... and
  • Address the national talent shortage

Need to know more?

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