Preferred Supplier Panels through BenchOn reduce traditional Panel sourcing time from six weeks to just one day. Invite preferred suppliers, contracted partners or approved panel members to their allocated panel in your BenchOn profile to digitally allocate work assignments with a click of a button. From Government Panels to Enterprises, Preferred Supplier Panel Management is highly configurable to suit any size panel.

  • Create any number of panels based on the configuration you need and label them for ease of work allocation.
  • Invite Preferred Suppliers to the Supplier Panel, or remove them, with a click of a button.
  • Allocate unlimited work packages to preferred suppliers with no commissions applied.
  • Advanced algorithm will only match work packages to suppliers that have the capability, reducing effort and cost through a highly targeted system.
  • Secure system that only releases information to approved companies when they match to a requirement and always under the protection of our NDA.
  • Automated pipeline updates to your team and suppliers to quickly track sourcing progression.
  • Improve network competitiveness to ensure best Value for Money solutions.

Ideal for companies or Government Agencies who:

  • Utilise preferred supplier panels to quickly source contingent talent to support project requirements.
  • Want a digitised system to manage multiple or large supplier panels.
  • Are looking to reduce the onerous ‘red tape’ and administrative burden on suppliers in responding to requests.
  • Are sick of the weight of inefficient emails and phone calls with suppliers to manage your project resourcing requirements.
  • Want to improve supplier communication and interaction to create better outcomes for all.
  • Want to promote good supplier behaviour and value for money solutions in a graduated panel system.



Allows you to create as many panels as you need to further refine the companies you are targeting.


Reduces effort and cost by automatically matching companies to relevant work packages without them having to search for it.


Reduces time to respond, for suppliers as their profiles already have everything they need to respond. This reduces sourcing time from 6 weeks to just one day.


Protects your proprietary information by only showing information to the relevant companies who are capable of fulfilling it.

Case Study:

A large consulting firm managed two supplier panels each with 20 companies that supported their contingent talent requirements. One was for professional services and the other for IT services. They became frustrated at the workload of managing these two panels manually with emails and phone calls. Bringing the panels into BenchOn, they were not only able to digitise these panels but also easily create more in other areas. They created additional panels for Logistics and Engineering to meet their specialist requirements for upcoming programs. This greatly reduced sourcing workload for Resourcing teams and provided a stable and efficient panel system that improved their available talent pool.

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Internal Employee Matching

Allocate work packages to your own employees first, before looking externally. Good for large companies that are multi-divisional or siloed.


National Network

Match your requirements to all companies registered on the BenchOn platform to give you the largest untapped talent pool in the country. Match to the right company regardless of industry or location to find those hidden unicorns. This comes standard with any BenchOn profile.


Will the preferred suppliers be able to see all of our Assignments?

This is not a jobs board. With BenchOn, businesses only see what is specifically matched to their company profile if you allocate the assignment to their supplier panel. You now have greater sourcing privacy by controlling who sees your information and when.

Do suppliers have to pay to join BenchOn and my Supplier Panel?

No, BenchOn is free to join and there is no cost for the companies that join your supplier panel. This is a subscription service so you can send as many jobs as you like to your supplier panels with no commissions attached. This is the most cost effective way to resource your projects.

How do I know that my information is secure after I release it to a supplier?

All companies on the BenchOn platform agree to our standard platform Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This protects the information you upload to the platform and what you receive through the platform. All businesses are bound to only use the information for the purpose for which it was intended.

Need to know more?

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