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What Is an ‘Employee Bench’ and Why Is It Killing Your Business?

Employees in Australia and beyond, often find themselves ‘sitting on the bench’ in-between projects. The ‘bench’, in this case, is used to refer to the part of an organisation’s employees that are not actively working on any project for the time being. Although they may not be actively contributing to the output of the company,…

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Why ‘Borrow’ is a key function of an Integrated Talent Strategy

I recently presented at the 2019 Australasian Talent Conference (#ATC2019) on a panel discussing what a forward leaning Integrated Talent Strategy would look like. This is an essential conversation given, as ATC put it, ‘with record talent shortages, the promise of automation, constant transformation and today’s workforce looking to engage attractive projects on their own…

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The Most Innovative Approaches to Talent Acquisition in Australia Today

In a world where talent acquisition happens in short content bites on smartphones more often than in newspapers and through recruiting agencies, Australian heavy industry firms have to innovate to keep up. Hiring managers and human resources departments go beyond taking applications. If firms want to compete in an increasingly global marketplace for top talents…

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How to Triumph Over Contemporary Issues of Talent Acquisition

Across heavy industries such as construction and mining in Australia, the bulk of talent acquisition and staffing changes occur from within an organisation. However, with advancements in operations and systems, recruitment needs to look outward in new and innovative ways. Gone are the days of placing an advertisement and waiting for the applications to role…

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Is The Increasing Casualisation Of The Workforce A Good Thing?

Demographic and economic forces continue to change the global work economy. One of the hotly debated issues recently has been the growing shift to casualisation of the workforce. According to the ACTU, over two million workers, representing more than 35% of the Australian are casually employed. While women account for more than half of this…

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Demand-Driving technology platforms in the Talent Industry

In this digital age, Agencies and firms are continually educating themselves and keeping up to date on the new technology platforms and how they could help enhance their business going forward. In the Talent and Recruiting Industry, this normally covers: Job boards and job Aggregators – How do we attract more direct applicants? Testing and…

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BenchOn Case Study

Here at BenchOn, we also practice what we preach. We found ourselves in a situation where we needed to hire two new specialist staff quickly, yet we didn’t have the allocated cashflow to achieve it. Our only option seemed to be to let go of a non-essential staff member but we just couldn’t do that.…

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Enterprise Case Study

A large enterprise had won a major Government contract and required 25 procurement and contracting staff to support the project over a 12-month period. Time was tight as the project began within one week of BenchOn receiving the request. Within 18 hours, BenchOn provided the company with a prioritised list of 42 resumes from 8…

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