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BenchOn Case Study

Here at BenchOn, we also practice what we preach. We found ourselves in a situation where we needed to hire two new specialist staff quickly, yet we didn’t have the allocated cashflow to achieve it. Our only option seemed to be to let go of a non-essential staff member but we just couldn’t do that.…

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Enterprise Case Study

A large enterprise had won a major Government contract and required 25 procurement and contracting staff to support the project over a 12-month period. Time was tight as the project began within one week of BenchOn receiving the request. Within 18 hours, BenchOn provided the company with a prioritised list of 42 resumes from 8…

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SME Case Study

An Aged Care company was implementing a new CRM system across all of their locations. The staff they had lined up to facilitate the implementation were suddenly unavailable two days before the start date. They contacted BenchOn to find a Business Analyst with CRM software implementation experience for a three-month contract. Within 12 hours, the…

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Small Business Case Study

A small engineering firm had just had a contract they were working on cancelled by the Government client and now had to find work fast for their two engineers. They contacted BenchOn for help as they only had enough cashflow to support the engineers for another two weeks. Within four days, BenchOn had matched them…

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Start-up Case Study

A start-up approached BenchOn with a problem. They had just completed their initial tech build but had a six-month delay before it would be approved for release to the App Store. They didn’t want to lose their lead developer but could not afford to keep paying him during the six-month lull. They uploaded his employee…

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From Enterprise to Start-up

Are you thinking about jumping ship from enterprise to start up? Do it, it’s great! Well….mostly. From personal experience, going from enterprise to start up is both exciting and challenging. You are leaving the stable and dependable for the challenging and uncertain. Will I have a job in 6 months? Who knows. In a startup,…

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5 Productivity Calendar Hacks for 2018

2018 is well underway and you no doubt have a bunch of new goals and objectives you want to achieve. What we don’t want to do is work harder, we want to work smarter. With this in mind here are five productivities hacks that will help you achieve your 2018 goals without burning the midnight…

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Cost cutting with people is a double-edged sword so be careful

According to Service Performance Insight in their ‘Professional Services Global Pricing Report’ the growth engine of the world’s economy has shifted from manufacturing to project based, people centric services businesses. As competition hots up in the sector, businesses are struggling to improve their margins to remain afloat. But what strategy do you use? Cut expenses?…

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Tips for Successfully Transitioning Careers

Change is hard and scary. That is why we as humans usually do everything in our power to avoid it. A perfect example of this are employees who stay in jobs that they dislike, simply because they are frightened of the alternative. So how can people overcome that fear? What can the nurse do if…

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