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Enterprise Capability Statement

BenchOn is a portal that helps you better utilise your existing resources, and plan for what you’ll need in the future. Whether you’re:

– Deploying an underutilised workforce,
-Wrangling a complex supply chain, or
-Streamlining multiple supplier panels,

BenchOn is the only portal that securely provides insight into your gaps and helps you plan for a competitive future.

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CEO, Tim Walmsley, interviewed on Innovation

BenchOn is very excited to be a part of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur’s 222 Program this year! Our CEO, Tim Walmsley, was interviewed at the BiiG Conference this year to become the 120th company to be interviewed as part of the program. The interview is about innovation, how we employ it at BenchOn and what…

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How to Prepare for the impending Economic Slowdown

Here are some quick tips on how to survive the impending slowdown and the employee underutilisation that is no doubt on the way over the next 12 months. As a business you will need to be preparing for 4 different situations that can cause underutilisation: 1. Sick Workers – heard up to 60% of the…

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